Impact Assessment Method

  • Developed by a Canadian team from McGill University (Roland Grad and Pierre Pluye)
  • It measures the cognitive impact of knowledge resources on health professionals
  • The tool has been well validated and tested
  • It comprises a 7 item scale developed from an extensive literature review. The scale includes: 
    • No impact 
    • Reassurance (I was more confident) 
    • Confirmation (I was doing the right thing) 
    • Practice improvement (clinical decision making was enhanced) 
    • Recall (I recalled something I’d forgotten) 
    • Learning (I learned something new or updated my knowledge) 
    • Other 
  • The tool has been used by the team to test information gained via: 
    • hand held devices,  
    • evidence summaries  
    • alerts by email and  
    • more recently on information for patients. 

See 5 articles by Pluye, P and Grad, R in the References and bibliography