• Good metrics can help you and others understand your service
  • They can be at the heart of better conversations about how your service makes a difference
The Metrics Task and Finish group
  • The Metrics Task and Finish Group delivered the Principles for Metrics Report in June 2016
  • It looks at how library and knowledge services (LKS) staff have been working with metrics in the NHS and beyond.  It defines a set of principles for good metrics
  • Metrics must be:  Meaningful / Actionable / Reproducible / Comparable
The quality metrics template
  • Quality metrics template – created to support the development and sharing of metrics
  • A structured approach to applying the principles while clearly defining your metric
  • Submit your completed metric templates. Share your completed metric template.  Others may benefit from your experience and you may gain inspiration
The metrics bank

Examples of metrics submitted by Library and Knowledge Services.