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Ahh statistics.  The mere mention of that ‘word’ sends mortals reaching for top right (top left if you are a Mac user) of the tab, projecting this entry into the ethereal realms of digital oblivion.  Or underneath a steamroller if you are that way inclined.

Therefore, no statistics shall be mentioned (or harmed) in this post.  Instead, I will talk about a theme emerging (a word you will hear lots of today) from Michael Cook’s report.  Responders to a recent survey distributed chose ‘Emerging Technologies’ (yep, that’s that word again) as one of their library development needs.

What does it all mean I hear you wail?  In a walnut shell, the LKS staff would really really like:

* how can technologies be used to benefit the library services

* what do you mean by emerging tech

* how do I get to know about these emerging techs

Confused.com?  Do not fear.

A new group called Emergent Technology Group is here (group name currently a placeholder, a more awesome name is in the works).

We will help you by demystifying weird techie lingos, keep you up to date with cool tech stuff as well as what is already out there for you to use straight away in your library services.  This techie fandangle group is so shiny and new, we are still in the process of identifying various mundane logistic stuff, so please bear with us (rawwr) and do watch out for further news from us.  In the meantime, I humbly invite you all to drop myself or any other members of the group an email should you have comments, ideas, questions or just to share some tasty recipes with us.

One last thing.  The brilliant shiny people in this group are:

Stephen Ayre (George Eliot Hospital)

YiWen Hon (Royal Marsden Hospital)

Catherine Micklethwaite (Torbay and South Devon)

Alexandra Williams (Warrington and Halton Hospital)

Me. (Pennine Care)


We will also try not to mention robots too much.

David Low


Update: Though statistics were not harmed in the blog, they were slightly bruised.  Therefore here’s a digital wormhole to Michael Cook’s drilled down report, where the numbers welcome your visit with open metaphorical arms.

4 thoughts on “Emerging Technologies Group

  1. Sounds useful. I hope there will be ways for people to dip into being involved to bring up some of the emerging things and find out about some we doubtless have not heard of.

    I for one welcome our emergent robotic masters

  2. Really interesting, will be watching out for more on this. Also, any chance we can have a link to the report [Michael Cook] please?

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