Evaluation Framework

Knowledge for Healthcare Evaluation Framework


The Evaluation Framework has been developed to meet the need to assess progress towards achieving the delivery of Health Education England’s vision for Knowledge for Healthcare and to demonstrate the significant contribution made by library and knowledge services.

The Evaluation Framework has been designed by a small working group facilitated by Sharon Markless[i]  of Kings College London. It uses an evidence based process for evaluating the impact of library services[ii] developed by Sharon and her colleague David Streatfield, who have worked internationally with the Gates Foundation to assist public libraries in developing countries to evaluation the effectiveness of their interventions.

The framework is based on the premise that it is usually very difficult to provide clear evidence of impact in complex systems such as healthcare.  Therefore the approach taken is to identify a series on indicators which, when taken together as a whole, would suggest that progress is being made in a particular area.

This resulted in the development of six impact objectives, that make a clear statement of what we want to achieve and what will be different if we are successful.

The six impact objectives, shown in the first column of the framework, are:

    1. Organisations are more effective in mobilising evidence and internally generated knowledge
    2. Patients, carers and the public are empowered to use information to make health and well-being choices
    3. Improved consistency and increased productivity and efficiency of Healthcare Library and Knowledge Services
    4. Enhanced quality of healthcare library and knowledge services
    5. Partnership working is the norm in delivering knowledge to healthcare
    6. Increased capability, confidence and capacity of library and knowledge services workforce

Then each impact objective was examined in more detail to identify what changes, processes and activities each involved, and the evidence which could be collected to demonstrate progress.


[i] Sharon Markless is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education within King’s Learning Institute.  Sharon’s research and consultancy is mainly focused on information literacy and the role and effectiveness of libraries. This includes acting as a consultant on impact evaluation methodologies and methods to the Global Libraries Programme of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

[ii] Markless, Sharon  and Streatfield, David (2012) Evaluating the impact of your library service,  2nd ed. London: Facet.