Mobilising Evidence and Knowledge

Mobilising evidence and knowledge is one of the five key workstreams of the Knowledge for Healthcare strategic framework


Healthcare organisations, services and systems to effectively mobilise evidencelearningknowledge and ‘know-how’ to enable evidence-based policy and practice. 

What do we mean by Mobilising Evidence and Knowledge? 

Evidence comes in many forms and varying degrees of quality and volume depending on the topic.

Evidence is often research published in peer-reviewed journals, or as grey literature.  

Evidence based practice  emphasises the importance of understanding and applying the evidence with other factors including expert knowledge and values. 

Knowledge mobilisation is about connecting and encouraging people to share explicit and tacit knowledge AND to use this knowledge to inform their decision making 

  • Decisions are not made in isolation.  They take account of the best available evidence and individual and organisational knowledge.
  • Enabling evidence-based practice must consider the capture and mobilisation of knowledge as well as evidence.
  • Knowledge specialists enable decision makers to take account of this full continuum.  
Role of knowledge and library staff 

Transformation, efficiency and innovation within the NHS depend upon a learning culture and effective use of evidence and knowledge. 

NHS knowledge specialists and librarians play a critical role.  They ensure that  

  • Healthcare organisations, services and systems are effective in mobilising evidence and internally generated knowledge 
  • Healthcare staff Apply and use evidence, Build know-how, Continue to learn and Drive innovation 
  • Healthcare knowledge and library staff manage and mobilise evidence and knowledge 

Health Education England have developed a number of resources to help knowledge and library service staff do this work. 

KNOWvember provides an annual opportunity to celebrate the role of knowledge and library service staff in mobilising evidence and knowledge.  

The Learning Zone contains details of training courses, e-learning programmes, recorded webinars and other development opportunities for mobilising evidence and knowledge. 

This workstream is led by Louise Goswami in collaboration with a number of knowledge champions working across health and social care. 

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