NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework

A suite of e-learning modules and associated postcards have been developed to introduce knowledge mobilisation.

These simple techniques help people learn before, during and after everything they do. This ensures that good practice can be replicated and pitfalls avoided.

“I would recommend everyone learns about the After- Action Review. It has changed my staff meetings and significant-event analyses, the non-judgemental approach supporting a no blame culture – not bad for 4 simple questions I learnt in under 20 mins”

Dr Farzana Hussain MRCGP, GP of the year 2019, Trainer, Appraiser and Coach

Learning before techniques help people to consider who has done this before?   

Learning during encourages people to reflect about what they have learnt so far and whether they are on track.  They also create opportunities to exchange knowledge and know-how.   

Learning after techniques consider:

  • what has been achieved
  • how it was delivered
  • what went well and what not so well
  • how this can be captured and used by others doing similar work. 
How to use the postcards and e-learning

The cards and e-learning can be used in lots of ways.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use the postcards in your own team meetings to reflect and plan activities 
  • Share the postcards with teams in your organisations. 

Have your organisational development, transformation, programme management or education, training and development departments got copies? 

  • Share the postcards in leadership development sessions 
  • Use a single techniqueor a mash-up of several
  • Facilitate a learning activity for a group of people in your organisation 
  • Use the tips in the e-learning to introduce a community of practice or manage some knowledge assets 
  • Keep a set at the enquiry desk or on your website to promote techniques when answering queries 

You can view the full set of postcards or if you would like to print a set pleasedownload the print-ready files.