NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework Postcards

These postcards act as a quick reference guide to using eleven knowledge mobilisation techniques to help people learn before, during and after everything they do so that good practice can be replicated and pitfalls are avoided. Select the individual card you require  below or view the full set.

Use the postcards alongside the NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework E-Learning.

The NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework
Learning Before

Evidence & Knowledge Self-Assessment Tool; Peer Assist; Before Action Review

Learning During

After Action ReviewKnowledge Cafés; Randomised Coffee Trials;

Communities of PracticeAction Learning SetsKnowledge Assets

Learning After

Knowledge HarvestingRetrospect

If you would like to print  a set of the postcards please use the print-ready files here: CS47408-HEE-LKS-Postcards.1.pdf CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.2 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.3 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.4 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.5 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.6 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.7 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.8 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.9 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.10 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.11 CS47408 HEE LKS Postcards.12